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Great Western Roofing, A Family Business

Repair vs. Re-Roofing:

If you have leaking due to damage or worn out roofing, you have two options: (1) Re-Roof, or (2) Repair. At Great Western Roofing we do both, BUT, WHY RE-ROOF IF YOU CAN REPAIR?

Great Western Roofing will be glad to guide you through your decision making. We can inform you on your options and let you know whether you need a new roof, or if roof repair is an option.

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About Great Western Roofing:

Founded in 1975 by Fred Walker an ambitious young roofing specialist; Great Western Roofing has become a North County icon in the area of roofing and roof repair.

Great Western Roofing in San Diego is owned and operated by Tony Walker and his wife Tammy. They live in North San Diego county with their son Sean and daughter Wendi. The San Diego portion of the company, which was originally owned by his father Fred, was taken over by Tony in 2008.

Tony has taken Great Western Roofing to a new level of personalized customer support. Weather your roof just needs a repair or if it needs a whole new roof, Tony will give you his honest recommendations and let you the customer decide what is best for you.

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